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Few cities globally are as intriguing as Dubai. Intertwining rich Eastern traditions with fluid Western modernity, this fascinating city is an eclectic mix of skyscrapers amongst sand dunes, old-world souks, contemporary malls, prestigious international sporting events, heart-racing adventures, and extravagant experiences infused with traditional hospitality.
From hotels and beachside resorts to well-known brands and secluded desert getaways, Dubai has it all. A melting pot of more than 200 ethnicities, Dubai’s lively environment offers visitors and tourists unique opportunities for pure leisure and dynamic business.
With its ideal geographical location, natural vibrancy, inimitable architecture and cosmopolitan lifestyle, there truly is no other city like Dubai.


Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City - District One is an exclusive and elegant lifestyle community set amidst glorious surroundings in the bustling centre of the city.
Located minutes away from the heart of Dubai, District One is the premier destination for those that aspire to live extraordinary lives.


With a prestigious city centre address, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City - District One is only minutes away from many of Dubai’s world-class attractions, landmarks and transport links like Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai World Trade Centre and Dubai International Airport.
It’s also right next door to the world’s finest leisure facilities, including the Meydan Racecourse and Grandstand, The Track, Meydan Golf, a 9-hole floodlit golf course, a 5-star luxury hotel, The Meydan and the upcoming Meydan One Mall.
With no other residential community in Dubai so close to these distinguished facilities, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City - District One’s truly unique locale promises you a plethora of remarkable and distinct experiences.


Rejuvenating, health-affirming and boosting the overall quality of life,living in green open spaces leads to reduced stress levels, a greater sense of connectivity, a healthier body and a fresher mind.
Nestled amidst lush landscaping and surrounded by man-made Crystal Lagoon, sweeping parkland and breathtaking architecture, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City - District One offers peace and the freedom of space in the pulsating heart of Dubai.


Take a deep breath and feel your senses come to life. Let go of the mental baggage and make room for peace. At ease, let the tension ebb away with every step, every breath, and leave the world behind.
Cleanse your mind, body, heart and soul. Make a connection that goes beyond words - with nature and yourself.
Experience the true joy of life in the comforting embrace of nature and exclusivity.
Come home to a happier, healthier you. Come home to District One.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City - District One is set to redefine upscale community living with one-of-a-kind features like the Crystal Lagoon.
Covering an impressive seven kilometres, this stunning man-made 21st century oasis offers an idyllic beachfront retreat, at the very heart of Dubai.

At Disrict One, we innately understand the demands of modern living and have ensured that convenience is a key priority in our community plans. Once the project is fully realised, residents will have access to almost everything they need including mosques, retail, as well as food and beverage outlets and supermarkets.
Set to redefine shopping, leisure and entertainment experiences worldwide, the Meydan One Mall will feature the unique retractable skylight, measured 160 metres by 100 metres along with 620 retail shops including two major department stores, a 131,150 square foot hypermarket and more than 12,000 parking spaces.
Offering al fresco dining and shopping to thousands of visitors, the Mall will also feature more than 100 food and beverage outlets, a 21-screen cinema with a food court hosting an additional 20 outlets, as well as a 400m Central Canyon flanked by a collection of flagship stores.
Directly accessible from the road, the specially-designated shopping strip for high-end luxury brands at Central Canyon will showcase extra-large displays highlighting haute couture trends of the season making it the most sought-after place to shop.
The largest dancing water fountain in the world will act as just one of the Mall’s main attractions, measuring 380m long, while the world’s longest indoor ski slope, measured at one kilometre will become the most popular spot for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts in the region.
Participants can escape the heat any time of year by enjoying an adrenaline-filled day in the snow, or enjoy the whole weekend at 4 and 5-star hotel rooms and apartments that are directly connected to the venue and live the snowy winter experience without ever leaving the Middle East.
The 258,300 square foot indoor multi-purpose sports facility located within the Meydan One Mall, will also provide sports fields and courts to cater to football, basketball, volleyball, squash, racquetball, paddle ball, table tennis, badminton, indoor cricket, mixed martial arts, boxing,jogging, softball, baseball batting cage and a golf driving range.
Seamlessly connected to the Civic Plaza at the North and the water body and the park to the South, the Mall will offer an ideal location for unforgettable celebrations, events, festivals and sporting activities.
This dynamic feature will further establish the Meydan One Mall as a truly iconic shopping and recreational destination like no other.


Enjoy the space to cherish the important things in life whilst still having the excitement of the city right at your doorstep.
Choose from exquisite villas designed in three distinct architectural styles that redefine what truly exceptional can be.
Immerse yourself in the perfect ambience of exclusivity, affluence and serenity at Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City - District One.


Designed for the free spirited with clean, understated lines, these stylish villas are the ultimate expression of minimalist architecture.
A true reflection of an aesthetic lifestyle, these cutting-edge homes are ideal for open plan living with calm sweeping spaces, elegant interiors and seamlessly simple connections.
Creating an incredibly light ambience, an array of sliding glass doors and windows break down the barriers between the interior and exterior, bringing the outside in.
Exuding chic styling with modern functionality, these villas epitomise simple sophistication at its finest, where natural materials combine with deep, cool shades of grey to enhance the feeling of space.


Inspired by modern Arabic architectural traditions, these villas offer a delightful blend of practical functionality and chic elegance.
Designed for large families and guests alike with a clear hierarchy of form creating truly special spaces and separate zones that allow smooth transition, these homes are steeped in cultural traits with modern aesthetics and offer complete privacy in absolute comfort.
With a colour palette inspired by the beauty of the Middle East – golden sands and hues of beige, earth and natural woods, our Modern Arabic villas are a celebration of the storied Arabian culture filled with subtle traditional references.


Reflecting a harmonious blend of Mediterranean and northern European architecture, these villas bring together cutting-edge interiors with classical design.
Inspired by the best of Italian, Greek and Spanish styles, these homes make for grand family residences by seamlessly integrating the demands of modern family living with a warm sense of hospitality that never goes out of style.
Each villa comes with beautifully arched openings, pitched terracotta roofs, wooden pergolas and columns, courtyard layouts, and stucco walls in a rich palette of colours that evoke thoughts of days spent relaxing on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.


Meydan is a multi-purpose commercial establishment that aims to link the world with the Emirate of Dubai through a range of commercial developments and hospitality, luxury, sports, entertainment and amusement services, as well as international horseracing and equestrian events.
Additionally, the group’s extensive and diverse portfolio also consists of a series of state-of-the-art business parks, residential villa communities, schools, hospitals, business towers with luxury waterfront developments and shopping destinations.
Bringing together elegant lifestyle opportunities with leading entertainment and sporting events, Meydan’s premier projects include The Meydan Hotel, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, The Track Meydan Golf, QUBE Sports Lounge, Meydan Tennis Academy, Emirates Equestrian Centre, and the iconic architectural marvel, Meydan Racecourse and Grandstand, home of the world’s richest race day – the Dubai World Cup.

ISTANBUL PROPERTY CENTER DISTRICT ONE - MOHAMMED BIN RASHID AL MAKTOUM CITY ISTANBUL PROPERTY CENTER,45, MILLION, SQUARE, FEET, PREMIER, LIFESTYLE, COMMUNITY, AT, THE, HEART, OF, DUBAI, LIKE, NO, OTHER, Few, cities, globally, are, as, intriguing, as, Dubai, Intertwining, rich, Eastern, traditions, with, fluid, Western, modernity, this, fascinating, city, is, an, eclectic, mix, of, skyscrapers, amongst, sand, dunes, oldworld, souks, contempor ISTANBUL PROPERTY CENTER 45 MILLION SQUARE FEET PREMIER LIFESTYLE COMMUNITY AT THE HEART OF DUBAI LIKE NO OTHER Few cities globally are as intriguing as Dubai Intertwining rich Eastern traditions with fluid Western modernity this fascinating city is an eclectic mix of skyscrapers amongst sand dunes old-world souks contempor